About Vittana

At Vittana we believe that education is the single best way to end youth poverty.
We strive for a world where young minds have the skills to follow their dreams and earn gainful employment.

We are graduating a generation beyond poverty.

Vittana is a leading expert in international microfinance loans for students. Through our work we start and scale higher education student loan programs in countries where student loans don’t exist. By providing access to this catalytic capital, thousands of students are receiving the financial support they need to complete their education, achieve their dreams, and end the cycle of poverty.

To reach these ambitious students, we work with dozens of local microfinance institutions, lending organizations and specialized student lenders. Vittana provides technical assistance, product development expertise, and catalytic capital to ignite the student loan market and bring the benefits of financial inclusion to underserved families around the globe.

The capital for our student loans comes from passionate lenders, and impact investors. You can view our students and contribute to their loans at kiva.org/Vittana.